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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, more artwork...

Here is my first workshop ever - Hero's Handbook.

I created this for my ladies' whose husbands were deploying.  It is designed to be a gift for the deploying spouse, filled with pictures and notes from all the people who love them.

The cover had a plastic cover on it to keep out the sand.
Some pages had space for hidden journalling.
The "R" is our initial and the cocoa square lifts up for more journaling.
Since the pages were 6x6, the pictures were 4x4
or 4x6 

Deployments were about a year long. (or a year TOO long...)

And it is nice to know that your soldier knows he is loved, even when you can't be there to tell him.

More space for hidden journaling here.

 This was made with the retired CTMH It's A Guy Thing paper, but could definitely be adapted to any masculine paper (Lucky, Typeset, Fanfare, etc)

**Feel free to use these as your own, but please give credit where credit is due - this is my very own design!**

Thanks for looking!

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